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The psychophysical wellbeing of our shiba is always in first place.

The female reproduces for the first time not before the third heat, before it would not have the psychophysical maturity to cope with the birth and follow the growth of her puppies.

Each female faces only one birth a year, allowing her to rest during the following heat: this choice is important for the well-being of the dog and has a positive impact on the puppies, a mother in fact will be a more attentive and caring educator for her puppies who will enjoy it.

Particular attention is paid to the growth of puppies with which an accurate work takes place. They are subjected to stimuli and noises, everything is always accompanied by play, the socialization with human and like is fundamental, and the presence of the father is an added value for the formation of a good character of the puppy.

Our little Nankurunaisa will be proud and fearless samurai.

The relationship "breeder-buyer" does not end with the purchase and sale: I will be happy to follow the growth of the puppy, I will be available in case the owner needs directions or advice.

Nankurunaisa breeding is located in Belpasso but we deliver personally to Italy and Europe

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