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Every subject of breeding used in reproduction has been subjected to controls and tests, including the plates for hip and elbow dysplasia, and tests that exclude oculopathies.

Each puppy will be delivered around 4 months of life, completely wormed, after making the first vaccines and inoculate the microchip.Before the puppy will be checked by the vet of the farm and the owner will be given the health card that certifies the good health.At the time of delivery the puppy has not been completely vaccinated, so the owner aware of this is committed to provide for the completion of vaccinations and to protect the puppy from contacts with potential bearers of infections.

The purchase and sale of the puppy is regulated by regulations that give the right to the purchaser to request the termination of the contract in the case in which the puppy presents diseases, defects or genetic defects. Below are listed the defects in question and the times within which the buyer can make a claim, which will be accepted after verification by the breeder's trusted vet.

- Acute febrile illness in progress: 3 days.

-Cimber, parvovirus, kennel cough, tetanus, leptospirosis, mange, tuberculosis: 8 days.

-Rachitism, epilepsy, leishmaniasis, cardiopathy: 30 days

-Prognatism or enognatism, pincer closure: within 8 months of age (radiological attachment required)

-Moneychidism or cryptorchidism: within 8 months of age (radiological attachment required)

If informed within the aforementioned time the breeder commits to reimburse the buyer or to provide another puppy.

The breeder will perform the procedures in the times and in the ways provided by the Enci for the registration of the puppy in the Italian Origini book, with the subsequent sending of the certificate to the purchaser who will provide for the transfer of ownership to the canine registry office.

At the time of transfer, the buyer is completely satisfied and waives any claim concerning the shape of the puppy and appearance.

-The buyer expressly declares that he is not a retailer / dealer of animals, and that the dog is acquired for himself;

-The buyer does not have the right to transfer the puppy to third parties without notifying such action to the breeder who has the right to object and reserves the right of pre-emption for an amount equal to twice the price of the puppy;

-The buyer agrees to keep the dog in good health, ensuring veterinary checks, regular vaccination cycles, pest prevention, and undertakes to ensure that the dog follows an appropriate diet agreed with a veterinarian or with the breeder himself;

- the purchaser agrees to provide for physical exercises and to socialize the dog with similar persons and humans to maintain an adequate psychophysical form;

- the buyer agrees to never hold the dog in the chain or in an unsuitable place.

-In case of reproduction of the dog, the buyer agrees to make it pair with dogs of equal requisites (excellent health, good genealogy, pedigree Enci / Fci)

-The buyer agrees to provide the breeder with copies of judgments and certificates assigned on display and to allow their use for the promotion of breeding.

-The buyer agrees to periodically provide photos of the dog to the breeder.

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